6 Places a Van Tracker Can be Installed by an Installer

If you’re a van driver, you know that there’s always the potential for your vehicle to be stolen. And while there are several measures you can take to prevent this from happening, one of the best is to install an insurance approved tracker.

A van tracker is a device that uses GPS to track the location of your vehicle in real-time, so if it’s ever stolen, you can track it down and get it back. But where should you have a van tracker installed? Below are 6 great places to have one installed:


6 Places to Install a Van Tracker

1. Glove box

One of the best places to have a van tracker installed is in the glove box. This allows you to hide it away from possible thieves, while still being able to access it when needed.


2. Centre console

The centre console of your van is another great place to install a van tracker. It’s out of sight, but still easy to access if you need to adjust settings or check the tracker’s status.


3. Under the dash

If you don’t want the tracker to be visible at all, then having it installed under the dashboard is an option. This way, only you will know that it’s there. However, keep in mind that this isn’t as easy to access as other locations depending on how difficult it is for you to get under the dash of your van.


4. Lower side of the rear window

The lower side of the rear window is a great spot for a van tracker. It’s out of sight, but can be easily accessed if need be.


5. Rear bumper

The rear bumper is an ideal place to install a van tracker. It’s out of sight and still relatively easy to access. Plus, it’s not likely to be tampered with if thieves are actively trying to steal your van.


6. Front bumper

The front bumper is another good place to install a van tracker. It’s out of sight, and while it may be difficult to access if you ever have to adjust settings or check the status of your tracker, it can still be done.



Is Your Tracker for Fleet Management?

GPs trackers are best installed on a van’s dashboard if they’re intended for fleet tracking purposes. Utilising the onboard diagnostics port means that drivers can gain access to real-time data that provides route information, fuel efficiency stats, speed and other crucial details while driving.

Keep in mind that if you use your van for both recreational and work-related activities, it is vital you install a tracker in an accessible place so the device can be switched off at the end of a  shift.


Think About Functionality

When deciding where to put your van tracker, you also need to think about its security, the weather and signal blocking. Make sure the device is not exposed to extreme heat or cold, as this can reduce its effectiveness.

The best place to install a GPS tracker is somewhere that will provide continuous signal coverage and protection from the elements. Areas such as behind the glove box, under the dashboard or in an internal centre console are great options for ensuring your tracking device is secure and can collect data effectively.


How to Install a Van Tracker

Once you’ve selected a spot to install your van tracker, it’s time to get started. Installing a tracker can vary depending on the make and model of your vehicle, as well as the type of tracker you are using, so it is worth getting a professional installer to fit it.

The installer will check the tracker’s connection to the vehicle’s diagnostics port and make sure that it is working properly. They will also provide you with a set of instructions on how to use your van tracker, so you can familiarise yourself with its features and functions.

By having a van tracker installed in your vehicle, you can rest assured knowing that your van is protected against theft or unauthorised usage. Keep in mind, however, that installing a tracker isn’t enough – it’s important to make sure the device is connected and functioning properly for maximum security. A professional installation team can help ensure that your tracker is working effectively and give you the peace of mind that your van is always secure.



In conclusion, there are several great places to install a GPS tracker in your van. The best location for you will depend on how and where you use your vehicle, as well as which features you want access to. Consider these tips when selecting an area for installation so that your tracking device can be both secure and effective!


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