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Which is the Best Vehicle Tracker?

S7 Trackers

The S7 tracker is the standard requirement for theft recovery security systems and uses the latest technology to pinpoint a vehicle’s location. Featuring tow-away alerts, geofencing, a free smartphone application and much more, you can be sure of your car’s location anytime and anywhere.

S5 Trackers

The S5 Thatcham approved tracker offers the same capabilities as the S7 but it also features a Driver ID tag. This helps protect you against key theft, cloning, and relay attacks, making it one of the most secure car tracking devices on the market.


S5 Plus Trackers

The S5 Plus car tracker features a Driver ID tag like the S5, which prevents the engine from starting if the tag isn’t present. However, it offers extra peace of mind with optional remote immobilisation, allowing you to disable your car remotely via a free smartphone app.

Cat 2 Immobilisers

The Thatcham Category 2 immobiliser protects your vehicle against key cloning, car theft, and relay attacks with its two types of disarmament: the ID Driver tag and the key that must be presented to the receptacle. Both these components are an essential part of keeping your car safe from theft. 

CAN Immobilisers

CAN blocking immobilisers such as the Scorpion X, Ghost, and Starline A96 offer protection with a unique pin code, which can be used with the car’s buttons. This means that anyone attempting to steal your vehicle needs to know the specific code. 

Fleet Tracking

Self monitoring fleet tracking systems are ideal for individuals and companies alike who are not looking for 24/7 monitoring. The system comes with optional immobilisation and a free smartphone app, allowing you greater peace of mind whether you’re tracking one car or a number of fleet vehicles.