Everything you Need to Know About Vodafone Automotive

Are you a car owner looking for ways to make your daily drive smoother and more connected? Then Vodafone Automotive is the perfect solution for you. This revolutionary automotive technology provides drivers with new levels of connectivity and convenience, allowing them to manage their vehicle’s maintenance needs, navigate safely, detect problems early on, and customise their in-car entertainment options – all from one single service provider.

Read on to find out why Vodafone Automotive insurance approved trackers make vehicles safer from theft than ever before!


What is Vodafone Automotive?

As a leading supplier of automotive products and services, Vodafone Automotive UK is your go-to for In-Car Telematics, Usage-Based Insurance and Fleet solutions. With the highest quality standards in mind, their innovative offerings will help keep you safe while on the road while also saving time and money!

By providing services such as connected navigation, car tracking and stolen vehicle recovery, Vodafone Automotive ensures that you are in control of your journey. The technology works by using live tracking data (via a SIM card) to pinpoint a car’s position and movement, including speed and direction of travel.

From there, it is able to access various comfort and safety functions inside the vehicle – from climate control to sending you an alert if someone drives out of an area they’re not supposed to be in. Through such technological advances, Vodafone Automotive keeps you connected and helps make any drive worry-free.


Vodafone Automotive Trackers

Vodafone Automotive also offers tracking devices that are designed to help you stay in control of your car. These trackers are installed in vehicles with the aim of detecting, locating and monitoring a vehicle’s movements around the clock, giving users total peace of mind. Features include driving history and performance data analysis, as well as the ability to detect and alert you if your car is stolen.

Vodafone vehicle tracking also comes with a user-friendly app that gives you access to real-time data and lets you tailor your vehicle’s performance according to your preferences, such as setting up speed limits, tracking fuel consumption and much more.


Vodafone Protect & Connect S7

Experience peace of mind with the Vodafone Protect and Connect S7. This Thatcham accredited technology has a host of features, such as real-time information, motion sensors to alert you if someone attempts to tow away your car, low battery warnings, and an advanced app for your phone that offers European wide coverage – all for the same price. 


Vodafone Protect & Connect S5 VTS

For one low price you get installation of the Vodafone Protect and Connect S5 at a location of your choice., as well as two Driver ID Tags and free access to the accompanying mobile app. With European-wide coverage and tow-away alert notifications, you can keep track of your beloved investments on-the-go. Geofencing alerts let you know when vehicles have stayed outside their predetermined bounds for security assurance. Plus, the subscription includes great customer service 24/7 so that you can rest assured knowing your vehicle is in safe hands!


Vodafone Protect & Connect S5 VTS Plus

The Vodafone Protect and Connect S5 VTS Plus provides insurance-approved security coverage with European-wide coverage. It offers peace of mind that goes beyond the Vodafone vehicle tracker S5 with the Engine Inhibit feature, which allows you to remotely stop your car’s engine if it is stolen. The mobile app allows you to follow your vehicle’s movements in real time, while geofencing alerts inform you if it’s outside of a pre-set perimeter. Plus, two driver ID tags also come with each device so its engine can be remotely immobilised upon request.


The Benefits of Using Vodafone Automotive

Vodafone Automotive leverages secure connected car solutions that can integrate with modern vehicles to bring a plethora of benefits. Not only can vehicle owners track mileage, adjust fuel efficiency and unearth previously hidden maintenance issues but they can also get alerted to potential security risks, as well as experience improved convenience in terms of charging options, navigation assistance and much more.

Vodafone Automotive offers a new level of visibility, control and personalisation in terms of driving experiences – all while protecting the driver and the safety of their passengers.



Vodafone Automotive is a great choice for anyone looking to take their car or van security to the next level. With Thatcham accredited vehicle trackers, European-wide coverage and Engine Inhibit feature, you’ll have peace of mind on the go. Plus, you can enjoy features like geofencing alerts, motion sensors and driving history analysis, to name but a few. What’s more, you can also access all these features from the convenience of your smartphone via an easy-to-use app.


Contact Vehicle Defence for Vehicle Trackers UK

At Vehicle Defence, we offer a wide range of car tracker services that can be tailored to fit any budget and need. With our Thatcham-approved Vodafone trackers, you get access to top of the line features such as remote immobilisation, tow-away alerts, motion sensors and geofencing – great for both businesses or personal use!

Moreover, our national installation service means you can have your Thatcham approved tracker installed quickly and easily. Our team of professional experts is available to help you find the best vehicle tracking device for you. Reach out today at 01619717208 for more information.