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Protect your Fiat. Trackers & Immobilisers from Vehicle Defence

Whether you’re looking for improved security or lower insurance costs, we have a variety of Fiat trackers and immobilisers to choose from, so you can be sure to find the perfect device for your needs.

Due to their popularity, Fiat cars are often targeted by thieves in the UK. As a result, more and more people are opting to install car trackers. We offer Thatcham approved trackers and immobilisers with nationwide installation and warranty. Offering over 50 combined years of experience in supplying and fitting trackers to our customers, we pride ourselves on providing the best possible service. 

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Insurance Approved Fiat Trackers and Immobilisers

Not only are our insurance-covered trackers fully able to find a stolen vehicle, but having a GPS tracker installed can also lower car insurance rates for all Fiat models. We provide a professional installation service for all insurance approved trackers and immobilisers so that your car is protected from theft as quickly and easily as possible. For detailed information on how vehicle tracking and immobilisation can be the best route to lower insurance rates, give us a call today. 

The Best S7 Fiat Trackers and Immobilisers

The S7 vehicle tracker is the minimum requirement for any type of tracking system designed to recover stolen vehicles and is the most popular type of tracking unit installed as a result.

The S7 is an excellent choice for anybody seeking a secure way to keep track of their Fiat. With its array of functions and affordable price tag, it is perfect for anyone looking for a reliable tracking device.


When it comes to vehicle security, there are several S7 trackers and immobilisers that offer excellent protection, including:

The Vodafone Protect & Connect S7

The Vodafone Protect and Connect S7 comes equipped with an abundance of features that makes it a top contender in the market.


Its product features include real-time data transmitting using cellular technology, European coverage, motion sensing, a free advanced mobile app, and many other technologies.

The ScorpionTrack DRIVER S7-ALS

With motion sensors placed throughout the car, the ScorpionTrack DRIVER S7-ALS is a top of the line vehicle theft tracking device. By monitoring your car 24/7, this Fiat GPS tracker provides you with ultimate peace of mind.

The Meta Trak S7

The Meta Trak S7 tracker is small and discreet, making it easy to install. In addition to standard features such as tow-away and low battery alerts, the tracker comes with a smartphone apps so you can check on your car’s location effortlessly.

The Best S5 Fiat Trackers and Immobilisers

If you’re looking for the most advanced Thatcham-approved security system for your Fiat (or any other make of car), look no further than an S5 tracker. This device uses automatic driver recognition, as well as GPS and GSM technology, to provide comprehensive data on your car’s location. Here are some of the best S7 car trackers and immobilisers for Fiat models in the UK:

ScorpionTrack DRIVER S5-VTS

The ScorpionTrack DRIVER S5-VTS tracking system protects your vehicle from theft and unauthorised use with its movement detection sensors and Automatic Driver Recognition (ADR). You can also opt for an immobilisation feature for even more protection.

The Meta Trak S5

The Meta Trak S5 tracker is a small Driver ID that automatically recognises drivers. If any unauthorised movement occurs without the proper tag or key, you and the control center will be notified immediately.

The Vodafone Protect and Connect S5 VTS Plus

The Vodafone Protect and Connect S5 GPS tracker is one of our most feature-packed tracker yet. In addition to all the great features of a standard S5 GPS tracker, it also includes an Engine Inhibit function, among other similar technologies.

Fiat Tracker and Immobiliser FAQs

Does a Fiat 500 have a tracker?

No, the Fiat 500 does not come with a pre-installed tracker. You would need to purchase one separately in order to get tracking capabilities for your vehicle.

What is the best tracker for a Fiat?

The Vodafone Protect & Connect S7 is one of the most popular trackers for Fiat vehicles. It offers advanced features such as real-time data transmitting using cellular technology, motion sensing, and much more.

Does a GPS tracking device affect your car insurance rates?

Car trackers can lower your insurance rates – this is especially true if you own a valuable car or live in an area with lots of vehicle theft. With a tracker, the risk of having your vehicle stolen is lower, so many major insurers offer reduced premiums.

How do I find my Fiat?

If your Fiat has been stolen, immediately contact the police and provide them with any available tracking information. If you have a tracking app installed on your phone, you can use it to track down your stolen car.

What are the benefits of having a tracker?

Having a car tracker installed in your vehicle offers many benefits, including:

  • it helps you keep track of your vehicle’s location by monitoring its movements
  • it alerts you if any unauthorised activity is detected
  • it makes it easier to recover the car in the event that it’s stolen
  • Many insurance companies will offer discounts for vehicles with trackers installed.

Can trackers be detected?

While it is possible to detect tracking devices, not all detection methods are foolproof. For example, bug sweeping devices can often find trackers, but there are some that do not emit any signal and can only be found by physically inspecting the vehicle.

What is a Category 5 tracker?

A Category 5 tracker is the highest security-rating for tracking technology and is commonly installed in high-value vehicles as a result.

It is a fully automated driver recognition system that requires an approved tag or key to start the engine and offers advanced features such as immobilisation and GPS tracking.