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Protect your Honda. Trackers & Immobilisers from Vehicle Defence

At Vehicle Defence, our mission is to provide tracking devices that are both reliable and cost-effective so you can have peace of mind. With our products, your vehicle will be safe no matter what time it is or where you go!

Honda is one of the most popular brand of cars in the UK, putting yours at risk of theft. But don’t worry – purchasing a tracker with GPS and live monitoring features will not only save you money but help protect your car from being stolen. Vehicle Defence is proud to have 50 years of experience in the automotive industry and provide a nationwide installation service for Thatcham-approved Honda trackers and immobilisers.

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Insurance Approved Honda Trackers and Immobilisers

At Vehicle Defence, our tracking devices not only pinpoint a car’s location if it gets stolen, but they can even help you get an insurance discount! By using one of our tracking systems, you can rest easy knowing that your vehicle is secure and protected. Our Honda trackers and immobilisers at our shop are approved by the top insurance companies, so you can be certain in their dependability.


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The Best S7 Honda Trackers and Immobilisers

For a cost-effective and dependable way to monitor your Honda, the S7 vehicle tracker and immobiliser is an ideal choice. The minimum requirement for any stolen vehicle recovery system, this device will provide you with peace of mind when it comes to protecting your car.

What’s more, it’s one of the most sought-after type of trackers for Honda cars due to their range of capabilities. Deciding on the right S7 tracker and immobiliser for your vehicle’s protection can be overwhelming. To make it easier, here are some of our top picks:

The Vodafone Protect & Connect S7

The Vodafone Protect and Connect S7 offers a downloadable Honda app so you can maximise your protection abroad with its connected services and expanded coverage across Europe countries. It also alerts you if someone attempts to enter your vehicle, so you can be sure that your car is safe wherever you are.

The ScorpionTrack DRIVER S7-ALS

The ScorpionTrack DRIVER S7-ALS is a reliable and state-of-the-art vehicle theft tracking device. It’s integrated with discreet motion sensors that detect possible unauthorised movement of your car, allowing you to monitor it in real time if stolen or taken away without permission.

The Meta Trak S7

Say goodbye to stress and anxiety with the Meta Trak S7 – a discreet tow-away alert system that also sends low battery notifications. With its intuitive mobile app, you will always know exactly where your vehicle is located.

The Best S5 Honda Trackers and Immobilisers

The Honda S5 Tracker and immobiliser is a must-have device if you are looking to stay informed of your car’s whereabouts. With its GPS and GSM capabilities, it offers an unparalleled level of accuracy and detail regarding the vehicle’s locations. Whether for business or personal reasons, having this tracker will save you lots of stress.


If you’re looking for a reliable S5 car tracker and immobiliser that works specifically with Honda models, here’s our top list:

ScorpionTrack DRIVER S5-VTS

For dependable protection against car theft and unauthorised usage, ScorpionTrack DRIVER S5-VTS tracking system is the perfect solution. With its cutting-edge features such as ADR (Automatic Driver Recognition) motion detection and access to optional immobilisation, you can rest assured that your security is of utmost priority – all without any fuss.

The Meta Trak S5

The Meta Trak S5 tracker is a tiny Driver ID that you can attach to your key ring for added protection from car theft. If the correct tag or key isn’t present, both you and the control center will receive an alert of any unauthorised movement. With this device, rest assured that your vehicle is always safe!

The Vodafone Protect and Connect S5 VTS Plus

Make your vehicle even safer with the Vodafone Protect and Connect S5 VTS Plus tracker. This tracker comes with all of the features you’d expect from a standard GPS tracking device and offers an engine inhibitor function for added security.

Honda Tracker and Immobiliser FAQs

What is the best device to track a car?


One of the best devicesto track a Honda car is the ScorpionTrack DRIVER S5-VTS. This tracker offers an unequaled level of accuracy and detail regarding the vehicle’s locations, while also providing additional features such as ADR (Automatic Driver Recognition) motion detection and access to optional immobilisation.

What are the benefits of having a Honda tracker?

Having a Honda tracker offers many benefits, such as increased security and peace of mind. With a tracker, you can monitor your car in real time if stolen or taken away without permission. You can also enjoy low battery notifications with the Meta Trak S7, which is discreet tow-away alert system. Plus, you can stay informed of where your vehicle is located with the intuitive mobile app.

Where is the best place to put a tracker on a car?

The best place to put a tracker on a car is either in the glove compartment or under the dashboard. That way, it will be out of sight and less likely to be detected by thieves.

Does a tracker work when the car is off?

Yes, a tracker will still work when the car is off. Most models have an internal battery that powers the device even when the car isn’t running. This means you can still track your vehicle’s location, receive low-battery notifications, and immobilise your car if necessary.

What happens if your Honda gets stolen?

If your Honda is stolen, it’s critical to take action right away. Reach out to the police and inform your insurance company as soon as possible. Additionally, if you have an immobiliser installed in the car, then use it to turn off the engine remotely and make it harder for thieves to escape with your car!

Can thieves disable GPS tracker?

Generally, thieves cannot disable GPS trackers as they are well protected from manipulation. However, it is possible for someone to jam the signal of a GPS tracker if they have access to special equipment.

To prevent this from happening, opt for a tracker with advanced security features such as encrypted communication and an alarm system that alerts you if the signal is being interfered with. This way, you can rest assured that your vehicle is safe and secure.

Are Honda trackers easy to use?

If you have been searching for the optimal tracker that is both easy to use and has advanced features, then look no further than Vehicle Defence! Honda trackers are designed with convenience in mind, so you will be sure to find what suits your needs perfectly.

How can I track my car with my smartphone?

With trackers, you can access your vehicle’s location and other data in real-time using only your smartphone. This revolutionary technology allows for unparalleled convenience when it comes to tracking your car.

Similar to the Hondalink app, you can remain connected to your vehicle at all times with a smartphone tracker, as it allows you to set up notifications that alert you if the car is driven without permission or moved. No matter where you are in the world, this app feature keeps your car safe and secure.