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Protect your Mercedes. Trackers & Immobilisers from Vehicle Defence

If you’re looking for a Mercedes tracker you can rely on, look no further than our selection of tracking devices. This cost-effective tracking solution is ideal for those who want to protect themselves against being a target for thieves.

Due to its popularity and high price-point, Mercedes Benz is one of the most common brands of stolen vehicle in the UK. For this reason, it’s more important than ever to install a car tracker.


With GPS tracking, remote immobilisation, and other state-of-the-art technology, a tracking device is a reliable way to protect your investment.

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Insurance Approved Mercedes Trackers and Immobilisers

As a Mercedes driver, you likely want to know that your car is secure at all times. That’s why we sell a variety of trackers and immobilisers that are covered by insurance for all Mercedes models. In addition to trackers being able to locate a stolen vehicle, many insurance companies offer reduced rates for cars fitted with a tracking device.


Our selection of Mercedes trackers and immobilisers have been approved by leading insurers, so you’re guaranteed to receive an excellent tracking system. On top of that, our professional installation service guarantees that you’ll be safe from car theft in no time at all.

The Best S7 Mercedes Benz Trackers and Immobilisers

S7 vehicle trackers are the minimum requirement for vehicle theft recovery security systems. As a result, it is the most commonly installed vehicle tracking unit and for good reason; with its wide range of functions and reasonable price point, the S7 is an ideal option for anybody looking for a secure method to keep track of their Mercedes.


The best S7 trackers and immobilisers for vehicle security include:

The Vodafone Protect & Connect S7

The Thatcham-approved Vodafone Protect and Connect S7 transmits real-time data using cellular technology. It also comes with a free advanced mobile app, European coverage, motion sensors, and a tow away vehicle alarm to prevent stolen vehicles.

The ScorpionTrack DRIVER S7-ALS

ScorpionTrack DRIVER S7-ALS is a cutting-edge vehicle theft tracking system that uses movement detection sensors hidden within the vehicle. By monitoring your vehicle 24/7/365, the Mercedes tracker provides security and peace of mind.

The Meta Trak S7

The Meta Trak S7 tracker is small enough to be installed easily and discreetly, meaning no one will know it’s there. As well as offering standard features such as tow-away and low battery alerts, the waterproof Mercedes tracking system also has a mobile app so you can always check on your car’s location.

The Best S5 Mercedes Trackers and Immobilisers

A S5 Mercedes tracker is currently the highest level of Thatcham approved tracking security for Mercedes Benz (and any other car brand). With built-in GPS and GSM capabilities, this device can provide detailed information on your car’s movements. Whether used for business or personal tracking, the S5 Mercedes tracker has you covered.


Some of the best S7 car trackers and immobilisers for Mercedes models are:

ScorpionTrack DRIVER S5-VTS

With the ScorpionTrack DRIVER S5-VTS tracking system, you can rest assured that your car is protected from unauthorised use with advanced technology, such as movement detection sensors, Automatic Driver Recognition (ADR), and optional immobilisation.

The Meta Trak S5

The Meta Trak S5 tracker is a small Driver ID that is added to your key ring. Without the proper tag or key, you and the control centre will be immediately notified if there is unauthorised movement.

The Vodafone Protect and Connect S5 VTS Plus

The Meta Trak S5 tracker is a small Driver ID that is added to your key ring. Without the proper tag or key, you and the control centre will be immediately notified if there is unauthorised movement.

Mercedes Tracker and Immobiliser FAQs

Do all new cars have tracking devices?

No, not all new vehicles come with tracking devices and are not required by law. However, many manufacturers offer them as an optional extra or standard equipment on some models, so if you want a new car with a tracker, it is definitely something that you can look for.

What happens if your Mercedes gets stolen?

If your Mercedes is stolen, the first thing you should do is contact the police and your insurance company before using a car tracker to track the location of your vehicle. 

If your car has an immobiliser, it may also be possible to disable the engine remotely to prevent the thief from driving away with your car. 

Do all Mercedes have an immobiliser?

Yes, since October 1998, all models of Mercedes come with an immobiliser as standard. This is a security feature that prevents the car from being started without the correct key. 

The immobiliser is usually located in the ECU (Engine Control Unit) and is activated when the key is inserted into the ignition.

Can I track my stolen car with my phone?

Yes, if you have a tracking device installed in your car, you can use your phone to track the location of your stolen car. If your car has an immobiliser, you may also be able to disable the engine remotely to prevent the thief from driving away with your car.

How much does it cost to install a tracking device in a car?

The cost of installing a tracking device in a car can vary depending on the type of device you choose and the make and model of your car. However, you can expect to pay around £200-£300 for a basic tracking device.

Can I disable my car remotely?

Yes, if you have an S5 tracker installed on your Mercedes, then you can access the remote immobilisation feature to disable the vehicle. This is a great way to protect your car from theft and vandalism — all without having to leave your home. Contact us today to find out more.