Car being parked


We have a variety of different systems available to suit all vehicle types, both wired and wireless.

Our premium kits all use high spec monitors where the monitor powers the camera, and use a high image quality camera (not the cheap and cheerful cameras of the past).

We stock both clip-over mirror monitors or dash-mounted monitors which can be mounted upside down on the ceiling with some of our brackets.

We also have a selection of alternative mounts for vehicle specific mirror mounting.




The Park Safe rear semi flush parking sensors are a very popular solution to solve any rear parking problems.

The pack comes with Park Safe’s highly popular rear parking sensors, which are sensitivity adjustable to maximise performance.

The pack also comes complete with a 4 stage audible buzzer for ease of use when reverse parking.

The Park Safe rear parking sensors can be colour coded to an exact match to your vehicle which ensures a neat and high quality finish.

Reverse Sensors – How they work.
The reverse sensors are wired to the vehicles reverse light.

When you engage reverse, the rear sensors activate.

The sensors will start ‘beeping’ at a range of 1.5m.  As you get closer to the solid object the gap between the ‘beeping’ gets shorter until you eventually get a constant tone. At this stage you must stop.



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