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Cobra ADR Immobiliser


The brand new Cobra ADR immobiliser from Vodafone Automotive released for 2023.

When returning to the vehicle it will auto disarm. This means there is no input required by the customer, simply get in and drive away.

The system is only disarmed via an encrypted Cobra ADR tag which can’t be cloned like the original vehicles remote control for example. Featuring a 4 digit pin number which can be entered in an emergency if the CR2032 battery goes flat inside the ADR tag. The Cobra ADR Immobiliser comes with 2 ADR tags which offer excellent performance and the battery inside lasts around 12 Months.

Valet / Red LED can be dash mounted or hidden out of sight. ( please let the engineer know before installation )


  • Coded Cobra / Vodafone Automotive ADR tags.
  • Pin-code override
  • Anti-scan technology
  • RED LED with built in override valet button
  • Latest ADR Immobiliser Vodafone Automotive have released for 2023

Price includes installation

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