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Meta BLE 42 Immobiliser


  • Cost-effective vehicle immobiliser
  • Disarm with a Bluetooth Driver ID Tag
  • Guard against relay theft, OBD hacking and key cloning
  • LED installed as a visual deterrent & low battery alert
  • Simple to use 3-digit pin override
  • Bluetooth App for driver recognition
  • Supplied with Bluetooth ID Tag

Just like the Meta Deadlock but without the tracking system, the Meta BLE42 Bluetooth Vehicle Immobiliser with driver ID tag. Offers protection against most vehicle theft techniques, such as relay attack, key cloning and OBD hacking.


The simplest to use vehicle immobiliser available. No pin sequence needed, just your Drive ID Tag. Keep this with you when using your vehicle and your immobiliser with activate and disarm automatically when getting in and out of your vehicle. No codes or pins needed. It couldn’t be quicker and more user-friendly.

Price includes installation



How it Works

Step 1

Speak to our expert team or read our tracker guide to determine the best product for your needs.

Step 2

Purchase the product online or arrange for a bank transfer. If you would like to discuss 0% finance then please let us know.

Step 3

Book your FREE installation. This can either be a mobile fitting at your work or home, or at your nearest garage.