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Scorpion Defender S37 Alarm


The Defender Motorhome System is a Thatcham CAT2-1 alarm upgrade system that significantly improves the security and protection of your High-Value Motorhome.

Supplied by Scorpion Automotive, one of the UK’s leading Auto Security Specialists, the Defender Alarm System has been specifically designed for a Motorhome to ensure that your vehicle will be well protected once installed.

The Defender system comes with front interior ultrasonic sensors, battery backup siren, door open detection via the vehicles CAN Bus system, habitation door protection and bonnet detection. When the alarm triggers it will sound the External Siren and Flash the indicators.

The system will work with your existing OEM Remote Keyfob.  For vehicles supplied with only one OEM remote keyfob, an additional 4-button upgrade remote is available.  This supports locking / unlocking of your vehicle as well as arming / disarming of the alarm.  An in-dash override receptacle with LED is also supplied to allow de-activation of the internal sensors whilst the habitation area is occupied.

One of the great features is that this system is fully expandable with a whole host of Optional Extras to further secure your Motorhome:

The system can also be further upgraded for ultimate protection with the Thatcham Approved ScorpionTrack S7, S5 and S5-VTS+ Tracking Systems. Once either of these systems have been installed in with the Sigma S37 alarm you will not only always know where your vehicle is but in the event of theft, you have the opportunity of it being recovered quickly.  In addition to this, by integrating the alarm into the ScorpionTrack tracker, you can receive alerts via the ScorpionTrack App should the alarm be activated whilst you are away from the vehicle.

Top Features

  1. OEM Key Remote Arm / Disarm
  2. Additional Four Button Remote
  3. Touch Key Override
  4. Built-in Ultrasonic Sensors
  5. LED Status Indication
  6. Waterproof Battery Back-Up Siren
  7. Fully Upgradable with Additional Sensors
  8. Output for Scorpion Tracker System

How it Works

Step 1

Speak to our expert team or read our tracker guide to determine the best product for your needs.

Step 2

Purchase the product online or arrange for a bank transfer. If you would like to discuss 0% finance then please let us know.

Step 3

Book your FREE installation. This can either be a mobile fitting at your work or home, or at your nearest garage.