Thinkware T700

This model comes with a low profile and discreet shape with a fully matte black finish.
The T700 features a 1080p Full HD front-facing camera and an optional 1080p Full HD rear-facing camera. For LTE functionality a Vodafone Smart Sim (Also known as V-Sim) is included in which you can register for a £3/ for 5GB data per month subscription.


  • ULTRA-CLEAR 1080p HD IMAGE - Crisp Clean image with a 140degree wide-angle view at 30FPS. This enables the Dash Cams to capture more detailed footage in all road conditions and capture number plates of other drivers
  • T700 LTE MOBILE APP - A smarter connected experience with 4G LTE Connectivity - Remote Live View / Real-Time Parking Impact Video / Parking Image / Status and History / Remote Updates / SOS Messaging
  • LEADING DRIVER SAFETY FEATURES - UK speed camera database with free updates, forward-collision warning system, vehicle departure warning, lane departure warning, emergency record button and G-sensor incident detection. (Optional GPS antenna required)
  • CAPTURE ULTIMATE QUALITY FOOTAGE IN LOW LIGHT - award-winning Super Night Vision captures the best quality dual dashcam footage in low light whilst in Parking Mode. Highest quality lens and technology car camera recorder available via Sony image sensor
  • MARKET LEADING DASH CAMS AND SERVICES - Thinkware is a leading global manufacturer of the best dash cameras, offering the latest innovations and designs. Our customers include automotive manufacturers who use our award-winning dash cams for cars

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