Stand-out Features of Meta Trak Trackers You Should Know

Meta Trak is one of the leading manufacturers of car tracking devices and offers a range of features that are designed to help you keep track of your vehicle. 

Whether you’re looking for a device to help you recover your stolen car or simply want peace of mind when it comes to your vehicle’s location, we cover the stand-out features of Meta Trak trackers you should know.

What are Meta Trak Trackers and What do They do?


Meta Trak has over 40 years of experience in the automotive industry, manufacturing over 8 million telematics devices since 2010 and is one of the largest producers of vehicle safety devices in the world.

Meta Trak trackers use GPS and GSM technology to provide real-time tracking of vehicles and are designed to be used by businesses and individuals who need to track the location of their cars. Their range of tracking systems all adhere to the mandatory set of standards put in place by Thatcham to measure the effectiveness of car security devices.


How do Meta Trak Trackers Compare to Other Tracking Devices?


Meta Trak Trackers are some of the most comprehensive and reliable vehicle tracking devices available on the market today. With their ability to provide exact location and GSM live updates, Meta Trak Trackers offer a clear advantage over other devices. 

Furthermore, compared to other tracking devices on the market today, Meta Trak also offers a wealth of extra features including GEO fencing, tamper alerts, 24/7 control room monitoring, and much more. They are designed to provide comprehensive insights into vehicles’ movements and locations, allowing users to stay informed of their vehicle’s condition and whereabouts.

All in all, Meta Trak trackers perform at a higher level than many competing devices which makes them an invaluable asset for any vehicle owner looking for comprehensive tracking abilities.


What are Some of the Features of Meta Trak Trackers? 


Meta Trak offers a variety of features with its S5 and S7 trackers that make tracking and monitoring your vehicle easier and more efficient. These include:


Geofence alerts 

Geofence alerts are incredibly useful for providing peace of mind when it comes to keeping track of your vehicle, as they allow you to set a boundary around an area and be notified if the vehicle enters or exits. 

For added convenience, Meta Trak also offers real time tracking so that you can always know where your car is at any given moment.


Tamper alerts 

Meta Trak’s tamper alerts are an innovative safety feature that enhances vehicle security. They detect when a vehicle’s tracker has been removed or disconnected and automatically sends out an alert to a monitoring centre. 

Furthermore, Meta Trak’s tamper alerts provide an extra layer of protection by deterring theft, in that knowing their actions could be tracked would likely give pause to any potential thieves. 


App and web access

Meta Trak’s app and web access allow you to monitor your car at all times, ensuring it remains secure. With integrated GPS technology and real-time tracking, you can be notified via a smartphone app of movement or tampering with your vehicle anywhere in Europe. 

What’s more, with a modern pleasing design, the app provides simple navigation to set alerts and control settings easily. 



Insurance approved 

Many leading car insurance companies are now offering discounts to customers who fit Meta Trak approved tracking systems in their cars.

By taking this extra security measure, you’ll not only safeguard your vehicle but also give insurance companies peace of mind that the risks of insuring your car are minimised. 

Each insurer has different requirements for how much of a discount can be applied, so it is best to contact your provider directly for more information.


Driver recognition tags

Meta Trak’s trackers feature innovative driver recognition tags that detect the presence of an authorised user and immobilise should a theft attempt be made. 

What’s more, they offer real-time tracking capabilities to give owners added peace of mind should the worst happen and their vehicle go missing. With Meta Trak’s driver recognition tag technology, you need never worry about your car being stolen again.


30 day driver behaviour report

Meta Trak’s 30 day Driver Behaviour Report helps drivers better understand their own performance and behaviour on the road. With the advancing technologies, this report is designed to give drivers feedback on their speeding, acceleration, braking and cornering actions. It also shows drivers how they can improve their driving skills which in turn could lead to lower running costs.

Besides being an effective tool for analysing and improving driver performance, the 30 day Driver Behaviour Report provides a proactive solution for fleet managers to maintain compliance with driving regulations and reduce accident risks.


European coverage 

Meta Trak offers full European coverage with all their trackers. With their 24/7 European surveillance, you can be assured of round-the-clock safety for your vehicle wherever you are. 

Furthermore, their cutting edge theft alert technology notifies the user when movements occur outside of the preset zones, adding an extra layer of security to the protection on offer. 


Low battery alerts 

Meta Trak’s low battery alerts allow you to receive notifications directly to your phone when the battery starts running low on the tracker, helping ensure your car is always staying safe and secure. 

With robust technology that can detect even small changes in battery life, you’ll get all the critical information you need no matter where you are or what device you’re using.


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