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The StarLine M66 tracker & immobiliser has a whole host of advanced functions & features designed to protect your vehicle in many ways.

It operates in a similar way to the Autowatch Ghost but with the added benefits of a tracking application.

With built in tilt, shock & motion sensors the M66 can detect any unlawful attempt at stealing the vehicle.

With its multiple layers of security including extra engine immobilisation, the M66 will make any thief’s job that much harder, while keeping operation simple for you.

The M66 comes supplied with two Bluetooth tags to control the system.

It detects when a tag approaches the vehicle & will then disarm, and it detects when a tag leaves the vehicle and will then arm. This happens automatically without any extra input required from you.

If the vehicle is moved, shocked or tilted – or if the ignition is turned on without a tag present, the M66 will prevent the engine from starting and will notify your mobile phone alerting you to the attempted theft.

As long as a tag is present when you enter the vehicle, it will start as normal.

Again, all of this happens automatically. No extra buttons for you to press.

Using the mobile App on your phone, you can see exactly where your vehicle is at any time, plus historical routes.

There is no subscription charge for you to pay, apart from keeping the unit’s SIM card topped up with credit.

As an indication, £20.00 of credit should last approximately 1 year.

As standard, the M66 has the following features…

  • Engine immobilisation
  • Tilt, shock & motion sensor
  • GPS vehicle tracking
  • StarLine Mobile App for tracking, theft alerts & settings adjustment

We can also add the following features on some vehicles.

  • Extra engine immobilisation points
  • Anti-hijack (remotely stop engine, after vehicle theft)

The M66 makes use of the following technologies to protect your vehicle…

  • GPS & GSM for tracking & system control / notifications
  • Bluetooth, for remote tags
  • CANBus data-bus integration

Supplied and fitted from as little as £429.00


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