The Key Benefits of a Tracker for Van

When it comes to running your own van, security is one of the most crucial considerations. Keeping an eye on what’s happening with your vehicle can help you stay ahead of any potential problems and ensure that everything remains in good working order.


One way you can do this is by equipping your van with an insurance approved tracker – a tracking device that is specifically designed for vans. It allows you to monitor its movements at all times, providing useful information such as location data, fuel usage, driver behaviour and more.


In this blog post, we look at the key benefits of having a tracker for van :


Detailed insights into fuel consumption and maintenance needs

Keeping track of the fuel consumption and maintenance needs of your vehicle can help you stay on top of repairs and potential issues. To make sure you’re getting the most detailed insights into your van’s performance, there are software programs and monitoring devices available that give you a clearer picture. A van tracking device provides accurate data about vehicle health over time, reducing unforeseen costs and repairs.


Employee Tracking

If you are a manager, a van tracking device can monitor not just the van but the driver as well. With modern tracking software, you can receive alerts for each time an employee or driver commits any non-compliant behaviour like sudden braking, speeding, swerving, etc. With such accurate data, you can easily keep a check on every driver and how strictly they are following the company procedures and road laws.


Instant Alerts

One of the most crucial benefits of having a tracker for van is the instant alert system. Whether it’s theft, speeding or any other issue, you get to know almost immediately and can take necessary actions. This helps you stay one step ahead of any potential problems with your van and make sure that everything remains safe and secure.


Many vehicle tracking systems also have geofencing, which sends an alert when the vehicle enters or leaves a designated area. This can be used to ensure that your van is only being taken out when it’s supposed to and is great for tracking employee activities as well.

Improved Safety

Keeping an eye on your fleet’s driving habits is an effective way to dramatically improve safety for both drivers and other motorists. Proactively monitoring fleet vehicles can help recognise bad behaviour such as reckless driving or tiredness which can have disastrous consequences.


Some GPS van tracking systems also have an SOS button that can be used to alert the owner and emergency services in case of an accident or any other issue. The button will send an alert to a fleet manager immediately who can send help as quickly as possible.


Reduces Time Spent on Road

With a GPS tracker for vans, managers can track their employee’s route and make sure that they take the most efficient routes. This reduces the time spent on the road which helps save fuel costs as well as reduce fatigue in drivers. In addition, by having access to real-time data about your vehicles, you can easily re-route traffic and make adjustments to the plan if needed.


With a better understanding of when and where the heaviest traffic typically occurs, you can avoid hand-to-stop developments in rush hour and save yourself time and money on transit costs. Effective route-planning techniques can help you identify the best times to head out to a destination and decide which paths to take for the most efficient journey.


Insurance Discounts

Having a GPS tracking system can also help you save on insurance costs. Insurers typically offer discounts if your van is equipped with this kind of device as it reduces the risk of theft and other damages, thus making the vehicle more secure.


Less Paperwork

Having a GPS tracking system can help significantly reduce paperwork as it automates the entire process. By being able to track your vans in real-time from the app or website, you can easily keep tabs on mileage and other activity without having to manually take notes or fill out forms. This will also enable fleet managers to easily identify any inefficiencies or areas for improvement, allowing them to easily make the necessary changes.

Improve customer service with better tracking of deliveries and pickups

With better tracking of deliveries and pickups, customer service teams are able to anticipate potential issues before they arise, making it easier for them to offer effective solutions. This also enables companies to measure their performance against standards and ensure that customers receive packages in the intended timeframe.



In summary, GPS tracking systems offer numerous advantages to businesses. By having access to real-time data, van tracker systems can easily improve safety, reduce time spent on the road and paperwork, save on insurance costs, and improve customer service with better tracking of deliveries and pickups. Investing in a fleet management system is an investment that will pay off in the long run.


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