Vodaphone alarm systems


The A4615 ADR package is perfect for protecting your vehicle against key cloning or programming.

The alarm will only fully disarm once it see’s a Cobra ADR card in range.

This means no matter how many keys are already programmed into the vehicles ECU or that are getting programmed they won’t start the vehicle.

The Cobra A4615 ADR needs to see the ADR card before it will allow the vehicle to start.

The term ADR stands for Automatic Driver Recognition.

This is a wireless secure signal which is a handshake between your ADR card and the vehicle.

The ADR card sits on your key ring and the system works as an alarm and immobiliser against the harsh attack methods thieves are using to steal your vehicle.

The system protects doors, boot and bonnet.

It can also protect the vehicles interior with the addition of Microwave or glass break sensors.

This system will sound a full 118db siren and flash the indicators in the event of attack.

Fully Thatcham Cat 2-1 approved upgrade system. This means when installed into any vehicle made after 1996 it will become a full Thatcham Cat 1 alarm and immobilisation system.

Product Features:

  • CAN/PLIP Integration
  • ECU programmable (Vehicle brand/model specific)
  • Armed/Pre Disarmed via Original Key
  • ADR Tag (Authorised Driver Recognition)
  • Wireless link between Siren and ECU (Siren Optional)
  • Single circuit immobilisation
  • Anti grab/Anti scan
  • LED/Control button with override and diagnostic function
  • Cable cutting protection (Sabotage)
  • Panic facility via ADR Tag
  • Alarm trigger output for Tracking Device link

Supplied and professionally fitted by Vehicle Defence for just £389.


 The Cobra A4138 Mini Modular Thatcham CAT 1 approved Alarm, features a double engine immobiliser module.

  • Thatcham Cat 1
  • 2 x Circuit Immobiliser
  • Mini Modular Design
  • ACE Technology Remote Controls
  • Ultrasonics
  • Panic Facility
  • Emergency Override
  • Second Siren/Pager Output
  • Auto Door Locking (Vehicle Speed Sensor)
  • Anti Hijack Facility

Safety Features:

  • Hazard Warning Alert upon Emergency Braking
  • Speed Limit Alert
  • Reverse Buzzer Alert

Supplied and professionally fitted by Vehicle Defence for just £349.


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