Why You Should Consider The S5 Scorpion Tracker

Are you looking for a reliable and effective way to keep your car safe? Have you been researching ways to protect it from theft, or monitor its location when on the move? Look no further than a Scorpion S5 Car Tracker!

Utilising cutting-edge GPS technology, the Scorpion S5 allows you to access real time tracking of not only your vehicle’s current location but past travels too. Installing this tracker can unlock a range of benefits, ensuring that protecting and managing your car is made easy. 

Keep reading to discover more about how this tracker is a game changer in vehicle security. 


What are CAT 5 Trackers?

CAT 5 trackers offer the highest level of Thatcham approved security and utilise the Global Positioning System (GPS) to precisely pinpoint and monitor a car’s location as it moves. This data is then transmitted in real-time to an authorised user via either an online portal or mobile app, allowing them to stay up-to-date with their vehicle’s movements.

Not only are CAT 5 trackers like the Scorpion tracker effective for locating vehicles, but they can also be used to measure speed, engine capability and fuel efficiency. This makes them an indispensable resource when it comes to ensuring security as well as keeping tabs on driver behaviour.


Why Consider The S5 Scorpion Tracker? 

The S5 Scorpion tracker is one of the best CAT 5 trackers available on the market today. It utilises advanced security features such as tamper detection and alert notification. This comprehensive system allows for real-time positioning of vehicles with access to up-to-date information regarding speed, engine capability and fuel efficiency.

What’s more, the S5 Scorpion Tracker is also equipped with a sophisticated ‘geofence’ feature that allows users to set up virtual boundaries in which alerts can be triggered if the vehicle or asset crosses over them. This ensures the user is always aware of the whereabouts of their vehicles  and assets, giving them peace of mind.

For a better in-depth look at its features, we’ve broken down the numerous benefits of the S5 Scorpion tracker:


Real-time Monitoring of your Vehicle

The Scorpion Track DRIVER S5-VTS Tracker provides real-time monitoring of your vehicle, giving you the power to keep an eye on its whereabouts at all times. This GPS tracker can update your car’s position in real time so that you can always check up on your car from wherever you are. 

Geo-fencing is another great feature which will enable the system to send notifications if your vehicle leaves or enters a pre-defined area. So, whether you’re away from home or dealing with a teen driver, this feature gives peace of mind knowing that they aren’t straying too far from where they should be.


Alert Systems to Combat Vehicle Theft

The Scorpion Track DRIVER S5-VTS includes a range of alert systems, including tow away alerts, perimeter alerts, and other advanced features that can help combat vehicle theft. Additionally, you can opt for remote immobilisation – an anti-theft feature that helps you prevent unauthorised access to your vehicle. This system allows you to shut off the engine remotely and ensure that the vehicle is kept safe from malicious intent.


Intuitive Remote Control Options

The Scorpion Track DRIVER S5-VTS offers a range of intuitive remote control options, making it easy to keep on top of your car’s security without the need for constant monitoring. The system can be controlled via smartphone app or text messaging commands, giving you the power to manage your vehicle wherever and whenever you are.

The smartphone app allows users to quickly check up on their car’s location with real-time tracking and live view options whilst also offering remote control features such as setting speed limits and geo-fencing alerts – all from an user-friendly interface.


Affordable And Can Save You Money On Insurance Premiums

Not only is the Scorpion S5  tracker affordable, but it can also mean saving money on insurance premiums. By knowing the exact location of your car at any given time, insurers feel more secure offering lower premiums due to added assurance that their customers are properly insured. As a result, you’ll be able to save money and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your vehicle is always protected.


24/7 Theft Monitoring

With its 24/7/365 theft monitoring, the Scorpion tracker makes sure that you can rest assured knowing that your vehicle is being protected day and night by a dedicated UK-based Monitoring Team. Leveraging their expert analysis and knowledge, they will swiftly move to action in the event of any suspicious or malicious activity associated with your vehicle.

For those looking for absolute maximum security and peace of mind when it comes to their car’s protection, the Scorpion S5 tracker provides the perfect solution.



The Scorpion Track DRIVER S5-VTS is the perfect choice for anyone looking to stay connected with their vehicle at all times. Not only does this GPS tracker provide real-time tracking and live view options, it also features an immobiliser for added security against theft or unauthorised use. 

In addition to providing comprehensive protection, the Scorpion Track DRIVER S5-VTS offers full control over your vehicle via smartphone app, making it easy for users to keep tabs on their car’s location. This system also supports geo-fencing alerts which can send notifications if your vehicle leaves pre-defined boundaries – ideal for parents keeping an eye on teen drivers or employers wanting tighter control over fleet vehicles.

All in all, the Scorpion Track DRIVER S5-VTS Tracker is an invaluable tool that ensures complete convenience and security when monitoring a car’s whereabouts from anywhere in the UK and beyond.


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