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Ampire Pro CAN BUS Immobiliser


Price includes installation

TASSA  Approved

How does the Ampire Pro work?

In simple terms this system stops your vehicle starting or driving without your say so.

To disarm the system, you have use existing switches within your vehicle. You can designate your code using buttons on the steering wheel, the navigation or in the dash. The available buttons are vehicle specific, which are listed in the compatibility list. You must enter this code before each trip. The combination you choose is like entering the PIN for your credit/debit card.

In addition, the WFS400-PRO uses Bluetooth technology. You can deactivate this immobiliser either by switches in your car or wirelessly via Bluetooth. You can either use the optional transponder WFST400 or any compatible Apple iOS / Android smartphone.

The CAN BUS FIREWALL is probably the first retrofittable immobiliser that communicates bi-directionally over up to two CAN bus and one LIN bus data system. This digital immobiliser helps protect your car from theft, Key cloning, Keyless range extension, learning vehicle keys, hacking the key code from the vehicle key, and even stealing the owner’s key. Only towing the car is still possible because a car thief will never be able to drive away with your car. The all new WFS400-PRO is the third generation of the CAN BUS FIREWALL protection and is a vastly improved version on its predecessor in many ways, and in its functionality.

The AMPIRE WFS400-PRO is now TASSA approved. After rigorous testing, the immobilisers have passed all the tests first time. TASSA is an insurance recognised body for testing immobilisers. If your insurance company requires a TASSA approved immobiliser, then security4vehicles can supply and install, but you will need to add the approved TASSA installation option to your order. Only TASSA accredited installations will be registered on the international database as well as be police and insurance approved. The additional £20 as an extra is not only peace of mind but potentially save you more on insurance.

Pin Code Deactivation

Bluetooth Tag (optional extra)

Apple/Android App

Service Mode

3-15 Press Pin Code

How it Works

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